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The academical education reformation projekt Galilea has been existing since the 1st of November 2006 and is resident at School II of the TU Berlin - Mathematics and Natural Sciences. Our three big aims are:

  1. Improvement of the image of natural and engineering sciences
  2. Increasing the number of undergraduates in these fields
  3. Increasing the portion of female undergraduates
    in these fields

To reach these aims we work among other things on new concepts for natural scientific courses and we also rework courses.That way we want to improve the situation of learning and educating at the university. Because we want to satisfy the increasing demand of graduates in these fields for the future. Pupils and students are to be advanced systematically to ensure an early bonding to the research network.
For example through a course of studies which not only pays attention to substance of the studies but also to individual requirements.
Furthermore we perceive us as a platform which wants to encourage young women and girls to start a natural scientific course.  

TU Berlin