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Suggestions for Lecture-Improvements

This list with suggestions for lectures should serve to develop own ideas to iimprove lectures.



This listing with improvement suggestions for lectures should serve to develop own ideas to improve lectures.

Also students can call the improvement of their lectures! The best possibility for it is to give feedback to the responsible persons (lecturers, scientific employees, tutors).


  • actuality - interdisciplinary

    • current topics, response gender aspects, link to other specific fields
  • gender-approciate language

  • Background information about book and persons
    • under which circumstances was the book written, in which time have the scientists lived?



Attain Attention

  • bring many specialized examples
    • examples help the students to understand, espacially at the beginning of their studies
  • demonstration experiments

    • Experiments can excite attention and lead thereby to a good mood in the lecture, also they can wake up motivation and indicate, why the theory must be learned

Multimedia support

  • make scripts/homeworks available online

    • to make the working from home easier, for example with the platform ISIS
  • Offer exchance platforms for more communication between students and lectures/tutors


  • try out new methods

    • for example group works, discussionc, simulations
  • request selfcreation from the students

  • alternative (home)work or tasks

    • Seminar paper, independently carried out seminar, library visit, plan plays
  • suggest mentor-relationships

    • Students can organize in groups to do task, this groups can help in the whole study