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This course has been created for all those people who want to know more than the pure intensive knowledge of the fundamentals of mathematics and physics which they learn during their studies. Because they will also get the possibility to advance themselves and their specialised skills during their time at university!

Characterized is the course by a system of cooperation which you can find again especially in all our selected course modules:


  • ability of responsible learning one's life long
  • troubleshooting and development of concepts for problem solving
  • inclusion of social,scientific, genderspecific and ethical aspects of strategies of acting and deciding
  • interdisciplinary and intercultural communication and cooperation skills
  • methods of presentation to impart scientific results to different target audiences
  • use of modern methods of scientific information management and information handling to solve (natural) scientific problems
  • mathematical, scientifical and technical method competence, coordination of the different methods


The high number of laboratories and projects makes studying by hands-on experience much more interesting.

Also it is possible for you to form your course individual by using the Free Choice courses.

Here you can choose between courses of all Berlin and Brandenburger universities.

It is recommended to take those courses which pay attention to social, gender and diversity aspects.

Those key skills will be very useful for your prospective career.