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FAQ: Frequently Asked Questions

1- I striked your article and now I'm interested in your course but I'm a man. Does it mean that I'm not allowed to study this course?

The multidisciplinarity of the course has been chosen specifically to target female AND male students. So men are welcome as well as women! Our aim is also to achieve a equalized balance between men and women. In our opinion this is one of the key component if you want to improve the usual same-gender teams.


2-The course has sparked my interest and I would like to start studying it now but I'm not sure where I could get a job after studying. Which career opportunities do I have with Natural Sciences in the Information Society? 

There is a various number of career opportunities for natural sciences. Have a look at this page for some examples.


3- I'm very interested in your course but my marks in informatics/physics/chemistry/mathematics haven't been very well at school.Can I also study this course?

If you are interested in natural sciences and enthusiastic there is there is no cause why you shouldn't study it. To find out to what extent your previous knowledge in these fields is adequately or even essential you should contact the student advisory service of the certain department. There and by talking to other students or even to people already working in these fields you can find out what are really necessary skills and knowledge.


4-Your course sounds really, really interesting to me but I'm afraid I couldn't be good enough to manage it on my own. Where can I get help while I'm studying?

That's really simple. Like many other courses there are tutors who will be on your side when you have subject-specific questions and who will accompany you supportingly. More information about the general Student Advisory Service of the TU Berlin you will find on their homepage or you directly call the Advisory Team.

Also our course offers you a estensive mentoring programm. Therefor our mentors will be on your side with words and deeds.


5- The course sounds really interesting but how much time will it take till I get my degree?

The course is a Bachelor course and after 6 semesters you should be able to get your degree (Bachelor of Science). Afterwards it's up to you to start working or to expand your course to another 4 semesters to reach the Master degree.


The FAQ will be extended and updated if required. Should you have other questions about our course or your career opportunities with Natural Sciences in the Information Society it's a pleasure for us to be at your disposal. 


Please get in contact with us: